Project X: Status

"Far as I can tell, pauses are basically born pregnant, and give birth to baby pauses." Jonathan Thompson

Syntax Highlighting Basic functionality complete
Group Editing Features Software Requirements Plan completed
Powerful GUI editor Software Requirements Plan completed
Project Explorer Implementation started
Powerful code editor Software Requirements Plan completed
Compile and linker dependency chart and metrics based on "Large-Scale C++ Software Design" Software Requirements Plan completed
Printing Late Software Requirements Plan stage
User-definable code generation templates Software Requirements Plan completed
User definable Project templates, with common template project types provided Software Requirements Plan completed
Export makefiles Late Software Requirements Plan stage
External build tool support Software Requirements Plan completed
Fully configurable color themes for visual clarity Software Requirements Plan completed
Organized captured output views from tools and applications launched by Project X Software Requirements Plan completed
Template code buffer integration (more powerful than clipboard or a kill ring) for user-definable code Software Requirements Plan completed
Multiple target types per project Software Requirements Plan completed

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 1:00 PM Pacific Time zone

Remember Droolape (TM)! A lot has happened in Real Life since I last updated: I've moved approximately 2400 miles from where I was previously living, gone through deep financial problems of the worst kind, changed employment completely (a combination of economy in Indianapolis and other things) as well as dealing with health problems. Be assured, Project X has NOT been abandoned! I have resumed work on it in my new locale, in the heart of Microsoft Country, where you can hear massive numbers of computers rebooting in the distance!

Tuesday, January 13th,  7:11 PM Eastern Time zone

Website updates: I added more material regarding my personal background, Project X goals and Project X current status.  Please note that the status is intentionally vague: I have competition that I wish to keep in the dark!  Also, please note that not all listed features for version 1.0 have categories listed for status, and not all features that version 1.0 includes are listed online at all! :)

At the request of a user claiming to be in pain from looking at the site, I removed the background graphics to enhance readability.  Yes, I take website feature requests as well!

Friday, January 9th, 3:47 AM Eastern Time zone

Do not despair that I've forgotten! :)  True, there are no screenshots yet, but I am making solid progress on the syntax highlighting code.  Why stop at Pe on Steroids 8 levels of highlighting when it doesn't cost anything more computationally to go much further?  The syntax highlighting code is first being tested without a GUI, because things are much faster to debug logic errors that way.

Also, I've learned what silly mistakes I was making with the less-than-fully-documented tool I'm using to help create Project X, so things will go much faster than they were going in terms of that portion of the application.

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