Project X: What is Project X?

“The purpose of software engineering is to manage complexity, not to create it."
Bill Catambay


Project X is the codename for a BeOS IDE/RAD/GUI editor that focuses on:

What qualifies Project X as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?

The only true IDE publicly and officially released before 2004 (not beta or before) for BeOS is BeIDE (note: Project X hasn't been released yet): it includes access to most basic things needed by a developer when developing an application, such as a code/text editor, project management, and a certain amount of external tool support (such as a limited use of an external debugger), and is quite stable. The project management features are low-powered, though sufficient for most things.

Project X includes a more powerful editor and project management features, as well as supporting external tool use.  

What qualifies Project X as RAD (Rapid Application Development)?

There is currently no tool that fits the definition of RAD for BeOS. The first requirement for a tool to qualify as a RAD tool is maximizing user-efficiency. This is often achieved via visually oriented development environments and editors that allow rapid prototyping and code generation through the use of Wizards or other forms of automation. Many RAD tools only assist in generating code for a GUI, based on a GUI drawn in a GUI editor. Project X will excel as a visual RAD tool for the GUI editor, but will also assist the user in rapid prototyping for projects that don't use a GUI at all.

Project X includes flexible and powerful user-definable code generation and automation for all types of projects.

What qualifies Project X as a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Editor ?

There is currently no tool that is a truly powerful, easy to use, and stable GUI editor for BeOS. This editor will allow the user to readily define the visual appearance of BeOS GUI applications in a very efficient manner. The GUI editor included with Project X allows user-configurable code generation, with intelligent standard templates.

Project X includes a GUI editor of comparable or better power to that of more mature GUI editors on other operating systems.

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